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Our practitioners are qualified, experienced experts in their field covering areas of chiropractice, nutrition, acupuncture and therapeutic massage. We can help you with a multitude of conditions so please get in touch to discuss how we might help.

Please book your practitioner via the contact details below.

James & John
James Shervell chiropractor

James Shervell
D.C. D.A.C.N.B. M.R.C.C

Owner & Chiropractor

When: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Where: Room 1

Phone: 07980 223928



James' areas of special clinical interest are neck injuries, headaches and migraines, children & infants.

£75 for new patients, £55 for treatment

James Shervell graduated from the Anglo-European college of Chiropractic in 1988. James has also many years study in the field of Chiropractic Neurology, passing his American Chiropractic neurology board exams in 2001. This field of study includes dizziness and balance disorders, childhood development disorders and how they might be treated using manual techniques, exercises and other modalities.

John Springard chiropractor

John Springard
D.C  L.R.C.C


When: Mon, Thurs, Fri AM

Where: Room 2

Call to book: 01243 774336

John's areas of special clinical interest are neck injuries, headaches and migraines, care of the elderly and chronic pain.

Registered with the General Chiropractic Council; member of the British Chiropractic Association; Licentiate of the Royal College of Chiropractors.  

Kirsten Meyer.jpg

Kirsten Meyer

Scenar Therapy, Myosteopractic, Massage

When: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 9:30 – 14:30

Phone: 0748 069 1612


20% OFF


This offer can only be redeemed at MYOSTEO HEALTH & THERAPY and cannot be exchanged for cash, nor will any cash refund be given for treatments made with this offer.

Offer is valid upto 27/04/2024

Kirsten specialises in Scenar Therapy and Myosteopractic and has a background in Massage. More information on these therapies can also be found on her website, but in brief:


MYOSTEOPRACTIC is a firm, hands on treatment, which assists the alignment of the spine and pelvis, gently realigning where necessary. Stress & tension in the muscles, nervous system & organs is also addressed, and released, by using a variety of specific hands on techniques.


SCENAR THERAPY is a hand held device that addresses the nervous system (which is essentially the control centre of the body), via the skin. It restores communication in the body and therefore function. Amongst other things, it also speeds up healing and assists with inflammation and pain relief, including anxiety & emotional blockages.


Kirsten relocated from South Africa in August 2023 where she ran her practice for 10 successful years. It was in South Africa where she completed her Myosteopractic training (a therapy which originates in South Africa) in 2012. She then went on to complete all 3 Levels of Scenar Therapy in 2015. Where necessary, she combines these two amazing therapies in order to achieve incredibly effective results. Testimonials can also be found on her website.

Helena Thomas.jpeg

Helena Thomas

Sports Massage

Phone: 07833 455 972 


Helena is a Level 3 qualified Sports Massage Therapist and certified in Dry Needling, Cupping Therapy and IASTM, which is a fantastic addition to your massage and achieving the best results. 


Helena worked for many years in Australia and New Zealand as a Personal Trainer and gained extensive knowledge in Strength and Conditioning and Sports Kinesiology. Helping countless people improve their fitness and addressing physical dysfunctions, Helena has a passion for helping others and enjoys the challenge it presents. 


When Helena is not working or being a mum, you will often find her working out. As a competitive CrossFit athlete, she intrinsically understands the duress that bodies are placed under, both in sporting endeavours and day to day life. This allows her to help manage her clients injuries, improve performance and reduce recovery times.

Kirsten Meyer & Helena Thomas


Call to discuss how we can help and to advise you on a treatment

07980 223928

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